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Great Student Rates
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great student rates
great student ratesgreat student rates

Select from the following services with Pablo, Ryan or Selina.

These are our salon rates before the student discount is applied.

❑ Haircut (Regular price $65)
❑ Partial Highlights & Haircut (Regular price $140)
❑ Full Highlights & Haircut (Regular price $160)
❑ Keratin Treatment (Regular price $265)
❑ Keratin Express 30 Day Treatment (Regular price $100)


Call to discuss rates for specific stylists. Rates are subject to change without notice. Price is determined by a stylist’s years of experience.

Our Artistic Team specializes in precise, natural highlights and haircolor design. You may choose haircolor tones and hair styles ranging from the most natural in color applications to more dramatic looks. Hairstyles may be soft, romantic, trendy, or classic. All styles are polished to perfection. Our Charleston salon best described as having high-energy, passion, and being full of excitement! We care about the way you want your hair to look and feel each and every time.

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